Private Ocean Club Opening

Private Ocean Club Opening

GALU 723

Private Ocean Club Opening

The Private Ocean Club Opening took place on Sunday the 1st of September 2019. Together with the first Club Members, business partners and the entire Galu 723 Team celebrate the start of the new Top Private Holiday Destination in Galu Beach.

The Galu 723 Team is very happy and proud that they have turned the former Karibuni Rafiki Beach Resort into a unique Private Ocean Club. As from now, they will welcome Beach-Loving holiday guests, who want to enjoy their Kenyan Coast vacations in one of the 5 Private Bungalows – via AirBnB bookings.

Furthermore – Mr. Suleiman ( The Manager in Charge ) has started to appoint the first Private Ocean Club Members, who will as from have the privilege to enjoy all Galu 723 facilities during the daytime.

Private Ocean Club Opening

It was a very happy day and everybody enjoyed the excellent Restaurant food ( made by the Chef Mr. Dixxon ) plus the super drinks and cocktails served by Mr. Suleiman.

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GALU 723

Private Ocean Club

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Galu 723 is a private Property

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