Kim Feenstra at Galu 723

Kim Feenstra at Galu 723

GALU 723

Kim Feenstra at The Private Ocean Club

Kim Feenstra | We said welcome to a model | We said good-bye to a lovely and serious woman

Early February this year we were approached by two Dutch ladies – Kim and Nancy – who wanted to stay with us for a couple of nights after having done a photo job in Nairobi, Kisumu and the Kajiado area to visit the Masai Mara.

We found out that Kim is Kim Feenstra is a model and photographer from the Netherlands. She won Hollands Next Top Model in 2007 and ever since she is working as a model and on a regular base on Dutch television. She is a celebrity who had her reality documentary about her life, named ‘Life of Kim’ in 2019. Kim was an actress with small parts in a variety of Dutch movies and series.

We believed the two ladies were here in Kenya to do a fashion photo shooting  … or working on their influencer impact. BUT we were completely wrong ….

Kim went to Kenya with Plan International to make portraits of girls and young women. Photos and stories of girls who have been circumcised, were in an early child marriage or had children at an extremely young age. By raising awareness of this problem and the work of Plan International, more and more girls and young women are entering the barricades themselves to fight against child marriages and equal rights for girls.

Kim is using her popularity to raise awareness of this very important and difficult young children problem – especially here on the African continent.

All we want to say is: Well done Kim Feenstra – keep this work rolling. If you need any help let us know. Our team is staying tuned to support you !!!

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